kohler toilets memoirs

The advantages of kohler toliets

Kohler toliets are known for its excellent quality, which is typical for American manufacture. At the heart of its production are long-standing traditions and the real history. Introduced range is mainly classified as «premium”, it is perfect for people who prefer an expensive luxury sanitary ware, that make bathroom comfort and convenience. Kohler water closets are always on the high level. Thanks to its ergonomics Kohler plumbing is very easy […]

bidet buy online

Why you need to find a bidet for sale?

For today, to find a bidet for sale is not difficult. The presence of a bidet in the house has become not an attribute of luxury and exotic, but necessary element. This is a very convenient tool for personal hygiene activities. Currently, on the market there is a huge variety of models with different features. Bidet is not popular everywhere. For example, to find bidet for sale in USA or […]

lowes free standing shower stall

Which free standing shower stalls may fit your bathroom?

Modern free standing shower stalls represent the unit which has a cabinet and fixtures already mounted inside. The hardware for mounting is also included into the set of a free standing shower cubicle. Such a construction may be placed anywhere, where the source of permanent water access is available. The installation of a free standing shower enclosure is not time-taking and difficult as the mounting of usual shower stalls. However, […]

bathroom design pictures traditional

Get an inspiration from bath remodel pictures

Did you see bath remodel pictures in Internet? Probably, your answer is “yes”. What do you like about it? Remodeling bathroom seems challenging, but not easy to do. Anyway, professional designer will help you to bring this project to life. You may say: “My bathroom is so small. I barely could take a shower in there. What remodeling are you talking about?” You’re not alone with your problem. You can […]

prefab shower stalls with seat

Installation of prefab shower stalls

Modern prefab shower stalls units are made of acrylic or fiberglass and have already floor and walls. Such prefabricated shower stalls need only bringing the whole construction inside your bathroom and its installation. If you do not have time working with base and walls installation – this is your variant. Although prefab shower enclosures are heavy (walls and floor base), the installation of these units is more easy than building […]

shower stalls with glass blocks

The main characteristics of glass shower stalls

Modern glass shower stalls are presented with a variety of designs. They can be with frosted, clear or colored glass, with hinged or sliding doors with original fittings, they also can be equipped with all kinds of racks, holders and handrails. Glass shower enclosures in conjunction with mirrors visually expand the space of the bathroom. Special safe and shatterproof tempered glass thickness of 8-10 mm is used in their production. […]

cheap do it yourself bathroom remodel

Choosing between do it yourself bathroom remodel and a contactor labour

Labour is never cheap – when you do it yourself bathroom remodel, you save at least 40-50% of your money, and sometimes the saving may reach 70%. Of course, saving money becomes the first and the best argument for doing the work yourself. But you should weight all pros and cons before you make a final decision – to call a contractor or risk and work with the help of […]

small vanity top sinks

Choosing small bathroom sinks and cabinets

It is better if bathroom sinks and cabinets designs match. Then your bathroom look stylish, showing your good taste. But sometimes it is not so easy to find the matching stuff for your bathroom, if the room is not so spacious as you wanted it. Then you have to choose small bathroom sinks and vanities. A very good choice is a sink in a vanity – this combination lets you […]

bathroom remodel pictures shower

How bathroom remodels photos can help you

Find thousands of bathroom remodels photos online and at our site. You will see how you can change a usual “standard” bathroom. Some pictures of bathroom remodels show the difference between the bathroom, demonstrating how it looked like before renovation and how gorgeous is became after the work at its design. Never forget about the important role of light fixtures. Bathroom illumination can create your mood. If your room is […]

small bathroom big design

Comfortable small bath designs is a reality

No matter what small bath designs you will choose, it is still, unfortunately, remaining small. Nevertheless competent approach to the creating of a bathroom can bring you good results. A bit of visual illusions, playing with light and tones can turn even a small room in a rather attractive and the most comfortable part of the housing. And small bath designs photos will help you to do it as good […]

toilet options for a small bathroom

How to choose the best toilet for small bathroom

The best toilet for small bathroom is the toilet which takes almost no space. However, at the same time it should be comfortable and spacious enough to sit there. Some people choose the wall hang variants of their toilet, but most of the customers stop at “classic” toilet design – on-the-floor models. Choose backless compact toilets for small bathrooms. The countertop behind it will be used then for storing rolls […]

bidet toilet seat with remote

Perfect combination of traditional toilet and useful bidet: baday toilet seat

Strangely, not many people heard of new toilet innovation, baday toilet seat. Let’s start from saying that a normal toilet baday is a popular and sometimes even traditional toilet solution in many Asian, European and Latin America’s countries. Baday toilets look like small basins placed near toilets and are used to clean genitals after using a toilet or whenever there’s a use for refreshing. Few years ago bidet toilets in […]

kohler commercial ada faucets

Kohler commercial faucets – new technologies

Kohler company provides a lot of Kohler commercial faucets for the needs of various enterprises, organizations, restaurants and public places. It also supplies the Kohler commercial faucet parts in the amount ordered. The very popular now Kohler Sensate touchless faucet, for example, is created to be installed in public places mostly. Using this unit you will avoid touching the faucet itself and will not have any contact with the surface. […]

kohler roman tub faucet parts

Kohler faucet parts and bathroom faucets

Kohler company, leading on the market of plumbing fixtures, faucets and Kohler faucet parts offer variety of different stuff for your kitchen, bathroom and lavatory. Thousands of Kohler bathroom faucets – from the plain July single-handle bathroom sink faucet for $165.00 to the Archer deck-mount bath faucet trim for $420.00. Home Depot and other big sale centers deal with Kohler faucet repair parts which can replace the old parts and […]

kohler toilet with built in bidet

Kohler Bidet Seat is Comfortable and Stylish!

Kohler bidet seat is growing more and more popular due to the cleanliness, comfort and convenience that it brings to one’s daily life. They provide soothing and hygienic warm-water cleansing, that is not only necessary for one’s health, but is very pleasant as well. Kohler bidet toilet seat is very convenient as it has stainless steel self-cleaning wand and easy access operational panel, while its slim profile adds style to any […]

hansgrohe retroaktiv faucet

Hansgrohe faucets are all over the world now

The Hansgrohe faucets are on the leading positions on the plumbing market. These bathroom Hansgrohe faucets feature a boltic handle lock and M2 ceramic cartridge. The modern design of the units and their fantastic contemporary outlook make them the extremely popular products on the bathroom and kitchen faucets market. The company has been working for more than 110 years already and has a lot of awards for their innovation ideas, […]

wall hung toilet bidet combo

Bidet toilet combo – a combination of comfort and convenience

Nowadays many people choose bidet toilet combo for small bathrooms. It is more convenient, because it doesn’t occupy much space. Besides, many manufacturers make them with a lot of functions. What are the advantages of toilet and bidet combo? First of all, such models save much space. If your bathroom is small, it is more efficient to place such a combination. Secondly, it is easily cleaned. For many women it […]

sanicare bidet sprayer

Sanicare bidet: keep your body clean

The Sanicare bidet is considered one of the most popular brand units. It can be fixed exactly on your existing toilet. Almost each Sanicare bidet review affirms this unit leaves a good feeling and very easy in operation. As a rule, most women having such a bidet at home can’t imagine they will not use it anymore, especially when when they travel.For these purposes Sanicare created a small travel bidet […]