rv shower stalls

Buying RV shower stalls

When for some reasons you have to live for some time in a recreational vehicle, RV shower stalls will become your real lifebuoy. When you go camping with your family, friends or you doing it yourself a good refreshing shower will help you after your long way and relatively limited conveniences. At Amazon you can make an order for your RV shower cubicle. PPL Motor Homes store offers this useful […]

handicap shower stalls for mobile homes

Choosing right mobile home shower stalls

Although most of mobile houses are offered for sale or rent together with mobile home shower stalls , with time they may need to be replaced. Even the best shower stalls for mobile homes lifetime is less than the lifetime of shower enclosures for usual houses and apartments. Home Depot offeres for mobile homes owners cheap shower stalls kits to repair or replace their shower construction. Durastall mobile home shower […]

vanity sink combo uk

Which vanity sink combo is to choose?

Modern vanity sink combo is a stylish combination of a spacious functional vanity with storages and drawers and a sink which is recessed into the vanity. Depending on the sink size and countertop area vanity can serve as a spacious bathroom table where you may keep a collection of your perfumes, bottles with sprays and essential oils, cosmetics, hair dryers and all stuff you usually need when being in bathroom. […]

tile shower stall repair

Long life of stylish tiled shower stalls

Shower walls are constantly “bombarded” with water streams and may be damaged or have a leak soon, so waterproof tiled shower stalls are chosen for two reasons. They are very beautiful – this is the first reason. Tiles do not let the water and moisture penetrating through the walls – the second reason. The number of materials to tile walls in showers is really wide. The combination of tiles is […]

white vessel vanity cabinet

Classic vessel vanity cabinet – the part of home interior and decor

A modern vessel vanity cabinet is the bathroom furniture unit with a durable, having a stone or marble countertop. The vessel sink is not fully recessed in the vanity, but looks like a bowl standing on the vanity top. It is connected with a water pipe, of course, but the hole of the countertop is so small that the small sink looks like a cup. Today bathroom vessel vanity cabinets […]

ada shower stall revit

Who needs handicap shower stalls?

Contemporary convenient handicap shower stalls are designed for people who have troubles with health. The handicap shower enclosures construction lets elderly and disabled people take a shower with no problems, with pleasure and comfort. These units bases are made in a way to provide a free wheelchair rolling and no-problems access to the seat or a bench which always presents in such a shower unit. All enclosures feature the usual […]

sterling accord shower stall reviews

Sterling Shower Stalls: Durability And Easy Maintenance In Simple Style

Sterling shower stalls, which are considered among the best ones in the market, are made of solid Vikrell material. This material provides durability and for the construction and long-lastibng look. Shower stall by Sterling come in either narrow width, or medium and large width. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose one of these products and enjoy its wonderful look and truthful service for ages! Like shower […]

bathroom shower stalls for sale

Cheap stylish shower stalls for sale

If you need to update your bathroom and looking for shower stalls for sale, the best advice will be waiting when the sales period comes. It will save your money. Sometimes the savings during this period reach 75%, especially if you find the stuff you need at clearance. Very often Home Depot organizes sales days when national holidays and events come and happen. The store advertises about the discount shower […]

kohler interiors furniture

Luxury Kohler furniture

History of company Kohler (Germany), which produces Kohler furniture associated with the name of the Austrian immigrant Michel Kohler, and has its origins in 1873. Then Kohler began his business with the manufacture of equipment for farms of iron and steel, as well as furniture accessories and metal decorations for the home. Then he tried to cover the enamel trough for horse feed and thus got his first bath, which […]

kohler shower valve exploded view

Kohler shower faucets, from cheap to luxurious

Shopping online, you can find the best Kohler shower faucets for the discount prices. The price range is huge: from $31-$168 for Awaken to IV Georges Brass for $630-$2,272. The luxury bathrooms need the appropriate awesome expensive Kohler bathroom faucets. Brass, chrome and nickel is used to make therse unique products. The premium materials provide Kholer faucets with absolutely amazing durability. Luxurious Kohler bathtub faucets, sinks, tub faucets and a […]

bathroom sinks in stone

Elegant stone sinks bathroom design

Modern stone sinks bathroom design combines the touch of ancient times shapes and contemporary style.Vanities made of stone has been the oldest sinks which people use to wash their faces and have morning water procedures. Beautiful stone bathroom vessel sinks made of natural granit or marble add your home stylish elegant look. These units are never cheap – some small vanity sink bowls offered at Signature Hardware cost over $300. […]

cottage style bath vanity white

Modern, classic and cottage bathroom vanities

Simple but elegant wooden cottage bathroom vanities give your bathroom a real cottage look. Even if you live in a usual modern apartment, such a vanity in bathroom adds your home a cozy look.Do not choose a very large or a very small vanity. It should not overload your bathroom space, but at the same time it must be pretty spacious to place there cosmetics, hairdryers, extra towels, medications and […]

custom shower stalls and kits

Building your own custom shower stalls

When you take a decision to build your own custom shower stalls, there are 3 limits which may prevent your idea. They are the size of your bathroom, your budget limits and your fantasy. When you do not have any problems with ideas occurring to you, only the money and space limits present. If the first (budget) problem may be solved if you build your custom shower cabin yourself, using […]

bathroom rail height

Bathtub height and other toilet measurements Guide

Building a house it is essential to create a comfortable bathing area, so make sure the bathtub height and other measurements are taken right.¬†Usually it is difficult to refer to anu specific standard toilet size, because the dimensions of such a place is quite difficult to generalize, because usualy every producer of toilet fixtures has its own sizes specifications for a particular product. Toilet measurements as well as toilet heights […]

48 inch vanities with tops

Organizing your home smart – Overstock bathroom vanity

One of the most efficient ways to save money when buying home furniture and organize your bathroom in a smart way is to buy Overstock bathroom vanity. To answer the question what is a bathroom vanity briefly we can say this is a smart construction combining the sink and storage with drawers (or without them). High quality wooden 48 inch vanities with stone, granit and marble tops are available for […]

kohler sterling performa tm bathtubs

Choosing your Kohler bath tub

The big choice of Kohler bath tubs online makes your search easier. Go to the site dealing with the Kohler products and type in the search line the name of the unit you need. Typing “bathtubs Kohler” in the search line of Home Depot site, you will get the result of 713 units online with 3 only available in the store. So it makes sense to order your produt in […]

bathroom cabinet online design tool

Planning your bathroom design online

If you are not ready to pay for a designer’s work you can make your own bathroom design online. It is even more exiting than in simulators online and as really as if you do it with professional help. The pleasure to create your own bathroom design online combines with absolutely practical result you will get. There are different ways to do it. You may use software which is available […]

best shower enclosures review

The best shower stalls for your bathroom

Choosing the best shower stalls you should take the first decision which kind of a showerstall – fiberglass or acrylic you want to have at home. Both variants have their advantages and minuses. Fiberglass shower kits are less expensive, but not as durable as acrylic stand up shower stalls . If you are not ready to pay much, better stop at the best shower cubicle made from fiberglass. Cubicle takes […]