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The new online magazine The Baltic News repeatedly extends the provision of business information about the Baltic states, which are the connecting link between East and West.

As before, on our website you will find analysis and market surveys, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The authors live and work in the Baltics, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Finland and other countries. Learn more about Discount Soccer Jerseys.

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In the north of Finland tested first telecast in the format of 3D!

Posted by in Science & Technology

In northern Finland, began test broadcasts the first TV in 3D-format. According to experts, thanks to new technology the viewer gets even more impressive than when viewing the movie in 3D-cinema.

The first TVs equipped for 3D-format appeared on the shelves of the country Suomi even in 2010, but until recently, the reception of television programs remained complex.

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The Germans will save Africa from malaria!

Posted by in Science & Technology

Despite existing effective method of treatment in the world hundreds of millions of people suffer from malaria. The reason for the high prices of medicines, access to which is not all. Researchers from Germany found a way to produce these drugs in large quantities and at an affordable price.

The main component is an existing treatment against malaria is artemisinin, a substance that is extracted from the one-year wormwood growing in China and Vietnam. The technology of synthesis of the drug from this plant is very complex and expensive. As a result of the photochemical process, oxygen is converted under the action of ultraviolet rays, the mixture passes through a thin tube that is wrapped around the tube with the same ultraviolet light. The result is an artemisinin – the main component of the antimalarial drug.

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Demonstration of the Belgian film “38 witnesses” in Rotterdam opened the 41st International Film Festival

Posted by in Culture

Showing pictures of the Belgian director Luc Bellevue “38 witnesses” in Rotterdam today opened the 41st International Film Festival.

The film begins with the fact that the main character returns home from a trip to China and discovers that her street was an offense for which, at first glance, there were no witnesses.

According to the Rotterdam Film Festival director Rutger Volfsona, “Hatch introduced Bellevue us perfectly written and directed by the film, not only stressful but also exciting and thought-provoking.

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Merkel is confident that the “fiscal pact” will not be the last step to a stronger integration into the EU!

Posted by in Economy

Chancellor Angela Merkel is confident that the planned “fiscal pact” will not be the last step to a stronger integration in Europe. The head of the German government said today, speaking at the 42th session of the World Economic Forum held here under the theme “The Great transformation: creating new models.”

“We are ready for more responsibilities and are determined to go ahead and continue to work on the development of an integration project” Europe “- she said. According to Merkel, promote the deepening of partnership between the members of the eurozone and to overcome their crisis will be fiscal discipline, which will ensure stable economic growth competitiveness, which depends on the provision of employment and solidarity with each other.

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“Green Corridor” in Russian-Polish border will be opened by May of this year – the head of the Kaliningrad Customs

Posted by in Policy

“Green Corridor” in checkpoint Mamonovo-2 – Grzechotki on the Russian-Polish border will be open until May 2012. This is in response to the question of Itar-Tass, said today at a press briefing to mark International Day of Customs Officer Chief Customs Kaliningrad Oblast Alexander Kochnev.

“We hope that the pilot introduction of technology,” green corridor “, which provides law-abiding citizens traveling on a vehicle without inspection, will be operational at the checkpoint Mamonovo-2 – Grzechotki until May of this year” – said Kochnev.

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In Warsaw, launched a program of Russian-Polish youth exchange

Posted by in Policy

Center of the Polish-Russian dialogue and reconciliation runs the youth exchanges between Poland and Russia on the basis of competitive projects. The details of the initiative announced today at a press conference.

“For the first time in modern history of Poland and the system starts at a high level of organized youth exchange program. Lack of contacts between Polish and Russian young people results in a lack of knowledge about modern Russia and Poland, these countries’ history, culture and national heritage for younger generations, while experience of the Polish-German and German-Russian relations shows that youth exchanges are an effective tool to counter difficulties in relations between the neighboring nations, “- said during the conference. “We hope that our initiative will help to expand mutual knowledge of young people of Poland and Russia, as well as effectively deal with the stereotypes,” – said the director of the Center Slawomir Dembsky.

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The world’s largest nuclear-powered ship is preparing to move from Murmansk to St. Petersburg

Posted by in Science & Technology

The world’s largest icebreaker – “50 Years of Victory” will be released on Friday from the home port of Murmansk, and will head to the Baltic Sea, described today in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Rosatomflot” corporation “Rosatom”.

It is planned that the nuclear-powered ship will remain in place assignment no later than one week. As we reported, the main task, which is set before the crew of “50 Years of Victory” – escort ships in the Gulf.

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