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Invitation to the 27th International Conference on Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Swiss Federal Data Protection Commissioner has the pleasure of inviting you to the 27th International Conference on Privacy and Personal Data Protection, taking place from the 14th to the 16th September 2005 in Montreux, Switzerland.

Known not only for its marvellous scenery of mountains and lakes, Switzerland has always been a centre of as well as a contributor to international networking and worldwide humanitarian actions. In this tradition, the Swiss citizen Henry Dunant founded the International Committee of the Red Cross in 1863 — still today, the headquarters of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement are based in Geneva. After the First World War, the city also became seat of the League of Nations and remained host city to the ensuing United Nations Organisation. In the “Palais des Nations”, more than 20’000 delegates from most of the world's nations are welcomed each year, and 3’000 officials work for the same mission year after year: peace, security and human rights.

Closely linked to Geneva, the city of Montreux is another important and experienced venue for international negotiations, and it will be hosting the 27th International Conference on Privacy and Personal Data Protection. The region situated on the Swiss side of the Lac Leman, is called “Swiss Riviera” and excels in its beautiful scenery. To the South, there is the Lake, and in the background, you can see the Alps — the Mont-Blanc, les Dents du Midi and dozens of other peaks. To the West and East, the lakeside terraces show many vineyards and reflect the long-standing tradition of wine-making in the “Lavaux”. To the North, there are the Pre-Alps, with their traditional cheese-production and the skiing and hiking resorts. The city of Montreux itself is famous for a rich cultural life with numerous events, such as the famous Montreux Jazz Festival in July or the Festival du Rire (Festival of Laughter) in December each year. Many of these events are held in the Convention Center, which is also well equipped to host our conference.

The Swiss Federal Data Protection Commissioner is looking forward to welcoming you to Montreux.

Yours sincerely,

Hanspeter Thür

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