bathroom cabinet with mirror

Buying a new bathroom cabinet mirror

A large bathroom cabinet mirror is used every day. When you brush your teeth, do your make-up, brush hair or make a hairdo, you need a bath wall cabinet mirror . This bathroom furniture unit is very convenient – store in the cabinet your medicines, contact lenses, sprays and balms for hair, face creams and hand creams. Place there a bottle with rubbing alcohol to rub some minor scratches and […]

kohler bathroom sink faucets widespread

Make a Touch of Modernity to your Bathroom with Kohler Sink Faucets

Kohler Corporation has the mission of contributing to a higher level of gracious living for those, who are touched by the company’s such products and services, as Kohler sink faucets, toilet and bidet seats, bidets, medicine cabinets and mirrors, accessories, showers and many other facilities for not only bathrooms, but also for kitchens. This firm produces stainless steel quality single-hole, widespread, 4” centerset, wall-mount, single-handle, two-handle and water-saving sink faucets. […]

narrow vanities for small bathrooms

How to pick the small cabinet for bathroom

For a small bathroom it is accordingly better to choose the small cabinet for bathroom. It is not necessary to clutter the bathroom with a plurality of shelves either wall cabinets. One cupboard under the sink, a small corner cabinet for bathroom or a couple of the walls` niches, as well as glass shelves will be enough. Additional space for necessary items can be obtained using vice of a mirror […]

vitra elegant bathroom tiles

VitrA Toilet: Great Quality Revealed in Longevity of Service

VitrA toilet like any other product by VitrA is well known not only for the high quality this brand provides, but also for the unique and interesting design solutions. Obtaining a toilet form VitrA, you ensure your family to have a great product to use! Toilets made by VitrA come in as one-piece, two-piece, water saving, flushvalve toilets and wall-hung toilets. Depending on the customer’s preferences and personal convenience, he […]

bathroom pictures to hang on wall uk

Choose the Best Bathroom Pictures to Hang on its Wall

Choosing bathroom pictures to hang on the wall in your bath space will show what a strong and creative individuality you are. Anyway, selecting an appropriate picture for a bath is not an easy task, as it seems to be. First, it must be thematic, as you cannot hang nature scenery in your bathroom! This will certainly look awkward! The picture must either contain posters concerning bath activities, or have sea […]

grohe sink faucet removal

Grohe sink faucet for your bathroom

One of the popular faucets is a Grohe sink faucet. This company made a good showing many years ago and nowadays it stays one of the chief companies of producing sink faucets. It tries to satisfy everybody’s taste and style. For many people their bathroom is like a private oasis, where they can rest after hard-working day. And a bathroom must look splendid and make you want to return there […]

bathroom remodel material cost

Saving at a bath room remodel

Before you start work at your bath room remodel, make a plan of your remodeling. If you plan to rebuild the bathroom walls, you may need to get a permit first. If you work only at your bathroom interior, you may start working without a permission. Order online the needed materials, tools and equipment – this will save your time on shopping. Even if you remodel bathroom on a budget, […]

kohler purist bar faucet

Choose your Kohler bar faucet

Shopping for the best equipment and high quality plumbing fixtures visit Home Depot site to choose there your discounted Kohler bar faucet. There you can save up to 25% buying Kohler Bellera faucet for $203 or Kohler Cruette faucet for $123 (both from vibrant stainless steel). Kohler Vinnata bar faucet features the high neck (over 17″ tall) turning over 360 degrees, the handle regulating the water temperature and termperature memory. […]

redoing a mobile home bathroom

How to use shower renovation ideas

Working at your home design use shower renovation ideas, which you may find at our site and online. For the better comfort add a bench to your walk-in shower. It will be nice when you sit taking a shower. You have less chances to slip on the shower floor and get a trauma. Use a rubber rug on the floor – it also prevents you from injuries. Redoing a bathroom, […]

kohler comfort height cimarron toilet

Kohler commodes of today and tomorrow

A lot of people call flush toilets commodes, especially in United States, and Kohler commodes still remain the most popular and desired units at home in spite of the price. Yes, the price for Kohler bathroom commodes may seem high…until you realize how comfortable these toilets are. First of all, Kohler brand toilet flush kit (when assembled)is touchless. It means the water flushes as soon as you stand up from […]

kohler undermount sink with overflow

Kohler undermount sink: advantages it gives

Kohler undermount sink : advantages it givesThe Kohler undermount sink is a stylish looking sleek sink which is installed under the counter. As soon as no rim is formed between the sink and the countertop, there is no lip to catch the garbage and dirt which gets into the sink. The beautiful Kohler faucets can be installed in the existing counter and placed behind the sink. Such a Kohler bathroom […]

large shower enclosures uk

The features of large shower stalls

Various modes of large shower stalls allow you to choose optimum temperature and conditions for water treatment. For example, many boxes are equipped with showers modes of Turkish bath, sauna, whirlpool and other nice additions. You can take a shower with aroma oils, enjoying a relaxing aroma for complete relaxation after a hard day, or quickly cheer up in the morning, being charged with positive energy for a productive day. […]

kohler ada shower stall

Kohler Shower Stall: The Symbol Of Durability And Comfort In Your Bathroom

Installing a Kohler shower stall in your bathroom, you get guaranteed to enjoy the high quality and premium service of the product. Kohler is one of the most famous brand names supplying kitchen and bath products of any type. In this company you can find various bathroom products of contemporary style and premium quality. Shower stalls by Kohler come in three collections. These are Sonata showers, Freewill showers and Sonata […]

extra small shower stalls

Advantages of the small shower stalls instead of a bath

The owners of the bathrooms with a small area often prefer to replace the bulky bath with cute and small shower stalls. People that live in standard urban apartments are often faces with this problem. This option is very appealing alternative for those who can safely do without the leisure under the cap of fragrant bubble bath, and wants to have the space, for example, to install a washing machine. […]

urinal for your home

How to choose a urinal for home

If you have a big house and a big family or you like to invite a lot of guests, you should pay attention to a urinal for home. The materials of urinals are the same as the materials of toilets: porcelain, faience. Some people choose unusual materials, for example, steel, plastic or even glass. These modern urinals for home can be splendid decorative elements of your bathroom. Urinals for home […]

bidet toilet seat warm water

Bidet Seat Reviews Show the Whole Usefulness of These Products!

According to bidet seat reviews these products are the utmost quality and stylish products in the industry, which provide health and hygiene to whole family. They are available to consumers in many styles, functions and capabilities to satisfy even the most meticulous customers. If one does not want to redesign his whole bathroom, he will be lucky to buy toilet seat bidet, as this new bathroom device is something that […]

kitchen and bath quad cities

Kitchen and Bath stores: shopping right

Shop at your Kitchen and Bath stores to upgrade your plumbing fixtures and remodel your bathroom and your kitchen. There you will be able to find everything you need for it: sinks, showers, bathroom vanities, bathtubs, countertops, Kohler replacement parts and custom cabinets. As soon as Kohler is the leading company to provide everything for plumbing and plumbing fixtures, many customers are looking for the units of this brand in […]

kohler artist edition vessel sinks

Kohler vessel sinks: advantages

There are several reasons to choose installing of Kohler vessel sinks. The first reason is that they are really unique and original. Such a sink is not something you usually see in the bathroom. Kohler glass vessel sinks design is basing on the old traditional Chinese style. The second reason to get this sink is in its easy installation. You just cut the hole in the counter and fix it […]